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Friday, February 10, 2006 

it's in the way that you fly

I'm doing this post due to a large amount of envy with regards to the fantastic blog Aquarium Drunkard. Over the last few weeks as I've been swamped with the pressures of being a new lawyer, he's been posting way to many tracks and bands that I've been "planning" to post. So, I'm posting now so that I get 'first dibs' between the two of us on one of the greatest songwriters in rock music today - Jerry Joseph. I've had the pleasure of seeing him and his current band (the Jackmormons) play in a variety of settings - from amphitheatres to bars to friends' backyards. If you've not heard of Jerry directly but you've enjoyed the roots rock / jam band posts at AD in recent weeks, Joseph's music should continue to whet your appetite. Thanks to ickmusic for the pic.

One of my favorite "Jerry moments" was at a show in Atlanta in 2003 where he and Sam Holt, a tremendous fan of Widespread Panic who went on to become their guitar tech and a ring leader in his own band Outformation, played one of my favorite songs that Jerry has written: Three Mile Island. The intensity and longing in Jerry's playing and singing is ever present - a consistent blend of sexuality and spirituality. For more music of Jerry, et al. Click here.

Download: Jerry Joseph - Three Mile Island (Live - Hard Corr Studios - 2/1/03)

Note to AD: I'm claiming some of the Mississippi bands of my college era - Kudzu Kings, Taylor Grocery Band, Nickel & Cheese, etc. You'll have to consult with me first before posting ;). This post was brought to you by the following "sponsor."

heh heh heh...alright, alright, but I get the 1st N. Miss All-stars record post!

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