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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

new order in athens

Vigilantes of Love's early songs were a large part of my highschool experience. I picked up a compilation of their first albums in early 1997, V.O.L. They had a kind of rootsy jangle to their music (r.e.m.-esque) and vivid, heart-felt lyrics. Also, slightly fuzzy and country - this was sort of my version of Uncle Tupelo in the early/mid-90s.

The following tracks are from the V.O.L. compilation of their first four albums and four previously unreleased songs recorded at John Keane's studios. Struggleville is from the 1994 album "Welcome to Struggleville". And You Drown is one of the unreleased tracks.

Bill Mallonee was the Jeff Tweedy of the band (well, there was never much of a Jay Farrar to compete with/play off of). Bill continues to perform and record. Although I'm less familiar with his more recent work, its more informed by the Beatles than say Neil Young.

Pastemusic has several of these current songs available for download and his more recent albums for purchase.

Two of group's concerts are available at the Internet Archive.

I am fairly certain that i had a substitute teacher in high school in atlanta that was in the VOL.

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