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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

finding meaning in physics

The Chapel Hill music scene brings thoughts of Ben Folds or superchunk or Merge Records. However, there's an increasing popularity (at least in the minutae of the indie-blogosphere) for bands associated with bu hanan records. The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (he wrote 156 episodes, Dude, bulk of the series) and now The Physics of Meaning (from Go Machine's Daniel Hart).

Said the Gramophone had a mini review and two tracks up on Monday. ("Down at Columbia and Cameron" & "Manhattan Is An Island") Bu Hanan has some more tracks ("Small Towns and Invisible People" & "Oregon, My Only True Friend").

After checking out there one-sheet, they also have as recommended listening "Bigger Cities, Thicker Doors". It starts in Death Cab land but moves into Arcade Fire territory. Fans of the Sufjan Stevens, Final Fantasy and the aforementioned groups should enjoy this. Stringed Instruments abound...Its all warm and deliciously pleasing. Download it now.

The last track on the album, "A Slowly Tilting Planet," is a bit more experimental and noisy in the vein of Grandaddy or the new album by The Fiery Furnaces (for the grandma-esque bit). The lyrics are very interpersonal and introspective but the music is moving towards the far-out + a xylophone. Download it now.

Vinyl Mine and The Oak Room were one of the first to talk about this band. (The later has some demos of the album available too). Somewhere Cold has a great recent review of the album. There's also some hot and heavy Myspace streaming action.

"So, what makes the Physics of Meaning's self-titled debut such a great album? Could it be the appearances of such friends as Dale Baker (Sixpence None the Richer), Heather McEntire (Bellafea), Anne Polesnak (Utah!), Wendy Spitzer (Eyes to Space), labelmate David Karsten Daniels, Wes Phillips (The Rosebuds, Ticonderoga) and the superb mastering abilities of Chris Colbert (Pedro the Lion, Summer Hymns, Elf Power)?" - from Phony Nowhere.

The next big thing? We can only hope... (Arcade Fire > Wolf Parade > Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! > The Light Footwork > The Physics of Meaning)?!?!

Purchase the Album from Bu Hanan records. ENJOY!

good post man. heavy on the detail, which i love.

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