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Monday, November 28, 2005 


An "alt-country tinged, instrumental group," Japancakes takes drone, chamber pop, and lilting country riffs to new heights. I came to their music through hearing John Neff (man-about-town in Athens: See: DBT, Bloodkin, The Chasers, etc., etc.) who plays pedal steel in the group.
How far can you take one chord? That's the question that this collective of musicians asks with each piece - creating a tapestry of sound everytime. Short Mile is a track from their first album, "If I Could See Dallas". The pedal steel is up front in the mix here, although its not always so highly featured in their tunes.

Released in 2001, their atmostpheric album "The Sleepy Strange" got me through studying for my first year in law school. No one should have to endure hour after hour of the Rule against Perpituities or the Fertile Octagenarian without listening to music....and that was just Real Property.

Although Kindercore Records had released most of their earlier records, that label fell on some hard times. That label's output could/should be the subject of a future post. Darla released Belmondo in 2002, while 2004 saw the release of Japancakes' "Waking Hours" on Warm Records.

Emusic has several of their albums for download.
They have a live track from Austin, TX's KVRX streaming on their myspace page.
Buy Japancakes records from amazon.com.

On a sidenote, more folks should be (and are) blogging about athens' music. See also: athensmusic.com

Great post -- thanks for the links too! Keep posting great Georgia bands! I made a list of 'em on emusic -- jon bon jon

ahhh japancakes. good stuff. good stuff.

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